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Python Crawler Engineer in Asia

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Python Crawler Engineer
💵 $120k-$360k
📅 Posted on Jun 12, 2024


The job is for a Data Engineer at a globally recognized digital asset exchange, The candidate should have a bachelor's degree or higher, be proficient in Python, scrapy, requests, Mysql/MongoDB/Redis, JS, and have experience with high parallelism and large data processing. Good communication skills, self-motivation for learning, and a problem-solving mindset are also required.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • 3 years or more experience in data business
  • Proficient in Python
  • Familiar with scrapy, requests, etc. scraping frameworks and HTTP tools
  • Familiar with Mysql/MongoDB/Redis
  • Familiar with JS, common anti-crawling mechanisms
  • Experience with high parallelism and large data processing is preferred


  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning
  • System development
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