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Vulkan/OpenGL Software Developer in United Kingdom

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Vulkan/OpenGL Software Developer
🏢 Collabora
💵 ~$82k-$121k
📍United Kingdom
📅 Posted on Jun 11, 2024


Collabora is seeking a remote Open-Source Software Developer with expertise in either OpenGL or Vulkan for their Graphics domain team. The candidate should have good English language skills and experience developing on Linux systems. Desirable skills include profiling and optimizing GPU usage, developing GPU compilers, contributions to the Mesa 3D Graphics Library, leadership abilities, and strong communication skills.


  • Good knowledge of at least one of the OpenGL or Vulkan APIs
  • Experience developing on Linux systems
  • Knowledge of open source development methodologies and relevant open source communities
  • Good English language skills (both verbal and written)
  • Ability to work and communicate in an online fully distributed environment


Contribute to the entire Linux Graphics stack, from the Linux kernel up to the display servers, including but not limited to GPU and display kernel drivers, Wayland/Weston, OpenGL, Vulkan and other open-source graphics drivers within the Mesa 3D Graphics Library for different customers’ projects in various market verticals

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience profiling and optimizing application's use of the GPU
  • Experience with developing GPU compilers
  • Direct contributions to the Mesa 3D Graphics Library
  • Experience leading teams to understand and define constraints, requirements and solutions
  • Good communication with customers and upstream communities
  • Self-learning skills to get sufficient knowledge of Collabora's services, business model, project delivery life cycle and other related technical domains
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