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Software Engineer
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📅 Posted on Jun 11, 2024


The job is for a software engineering role in cryptography and blockchain development. The candidate should have problem-solving skills, computer science fundamentals, programming experience, adaptability to an async environment, and professional reading and writing skills in both Chinese and English. The company offers mentorship, learning opportunities, competitive compensation, high-end medical insurance, remote work with flexible hours, and a fast-moving, challenging work environment.


  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals and software engineering best practices
  • Enthusiasm for math, computer science, and software engineering
  • Motivation to drill deep into engineering problems
  • Rich and deep experience and understanding in any computer programming language and the corresponding tech stack
  • Laziness for performing repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Urge to automate 'everything
  • The ability to research, study, practice, and evolve independently
  • Initiative and eagerness to take on new projects based on your own insights, not bound by the tasks in front of you
  • Professional reading and writing skills in both Chinese and English, fluent in reading and writing technical documentation
  • Adaptability to an async collaborative environment, self-driven with minimal supervision
  • Hobby with more than three years of consistent practice


  • Find solutions to complex problems
  • Study cryptographic protocol research papers
  • Read codebases of cryptographic primitives to understand implementation and optimization techniques
  • Code in Solidity with Foundry, automate unit tests, integration tests, regression tests, and end-to-end tests
  • Receive and conduct detailed code reviews
  • Write and edit technical documentation
  • Utilize AI-assisted tools for development
  • Explore and utilize new tech stacks to improve proficiency

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Rust for implementing cryptographic protocols
  • Experience with Solidity with Foundry for smart contract development
  • Experience with Ethereum, EVM based L2
  • Experience with Python with Robot Framework for CI/CD, testing, and automation scripts
  • Experience with Typescript with React, Svelte, Viem, and Vercel for front-end development and deployment
  • Experience with EC2, Cloud Formation, Docker, and Linux for backend deployment


  • Sharpened problem-solving skills
  • Deeper understanding of computer science fundamentals
  • Hands-on experience with standard software engineering best practices
  • Knowledge of innovative cryptographic algorithms and protocols design and implementations
  • Hands-on experience with advanced blockchain-related development techniques and tech stacks
  • Mentorship and guidance from engineers with expertise in cryptography and blockchain development
  • Opportunities to learn directly from and work with renowned professors and industry experts in the field of applied cryptography and blockchain
  • Rewards for successful new project initiatives
  • Elevated multi-language communication skills
  • Contribution to open-source projects
  • Sophisticated skills in building reliable and secure smart contract applications
  • Connections to global talents from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and world-class universities
  • Opportunities to attend top professional world-wide conferences
  • Competitive compensation package and benefits, including high-end medical insurance coverage
  • Work remotely with flexible working conditions and hours
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