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Validation Freelancer
💵 $150k
📅 Posted on Jul 11, 2024


The Validation Freelancer position involves overseeing the quality of reports delivered by Evaluators, ensuring they meet company standards before publication to clients. The role requires excellent communication skills in Vietnamese and English, strong organizational skills, a positive personality, Microsoft Office skills, and at least 1-2 years of editing experience is preferred.


  • Excellent communication skills in Vietnamese and English
  • Excellent organizing skills
  • Positive and outgoing personality
  • Microsoft Office skills


  • Be responsible for the quality delivered, ensuring it aligns with the Company’s standards before the surveys are published to the client
  • Ensure timely validation of the surveys
  • Get in touch with evaluators or Operation Executives for additional information
  • Maintain professionalism under any circumstances when representing the Company

Preferred Qualifications

At least 1-2 years of Editing experience is a plus

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