AMERITEL BPO Services Inc. is hiring a
Recruiter in Philippines

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🏢 AMERITEL BPO Services Inc.
💵 $3k-$6k
📅 Posted on Jun 10, 2024


The job is for a Remote Recruiter who will screen and grade applicants, coordinate interviews, assist with training classes, and conduct interviews over the phone. The candidate should have at least 6 months of recruiting experience or 1 year of BPO CSR experience, strong decision-making skills, excellent communication skills (written and typed), efficiency in time management, a recent Med Cert, high energy, and passion for helping others get their dream jobs. Benefits include a free Apple iPhone 14 signing bonus, a 10k Employee of the Month Bonus, bonuses for hitting targets weekly, all incentives/bonuses are paid out 100% tax-free, permanent fixed schedule, permanent weekends off, and other performance-based rewards. The position requires an on-site interview and 20 days of on-site training.


  • Minimum of 6 months of recruiting experience or 1 year of BPO CSR experience
  • Ability to come up with ideas including innovative ways to recruit, ideas for events, job fairs, etc
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Recent Med Cert
  • High energy
  • Passion for helping others get their dream jobs
  • Excellent communication skills (written and typed)
  • Efficient time management/proper use of full workday


  • Screening and grading of all new applicants following company guidelines
  • Coordinating with recruiting team for follow up and booking of applicant interviews
  • Assisting with planning headcount and attendees of training classes
  • Interviews conducted over the phone
  • Assisting with job hiring events on site and off site


  • Free BRAND NEW Apple iPhone 14 (your choice of color) signing bonus!
  • 10k Employee of the Month Bonus
  • Bonus for hitting target weekly*
  • All incentives/bonuses are paid out 100% tax-free
  • Permanent fixed schedule
  • Permanent weekends off
  • Other Performance-based Rewards
  • *weekly bonus details = 1,500 pesos earning potential per class with up to two classes per week which would total 3,000 pesos weekly. If target is hit each week for both classes that is an extra 12,000 pesos monthly in incentives
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